Colon Capsule Endoscopy in Special Situations

  • Konstantinos Triantafyllou
  • Peter Baltes
  • Martin Keuchel


Traditional colonoscopy is the gold standard for evaluation of the colon for polyps, cancer, and inflammation. Applied with high expertise and a high technical standard, it is an accurate, safe diagnostic and therapeutic procedure with a high success rate, but between 4.2 and 19 % of colonoscopies are reported to be incomplete [1–3]. Considering the large number of screening colonoscopies worldwide, this percentage leads to a significant amount of incomplete procedures—such as more than 20,000 in 6 years in Ontario, Canada [4].


Incomplete colonoscopy Redundant colon Sedation risk Anticoagulation Bowel cleansing 


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  • Martin Keuchel
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  1. 1.Hepatogastroenterology Unit, Second Department of Internal Medicine and Research InstituteAttikon University General HospitalAthensGreece
  2. 2.Department of Internal MedicineBethesda Krankenhaus BergedorfHamburgGermany

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