An Introduction to ICT in Education in China

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ICT exerts revolutionary influence on the development of education. Most developed countries attach great importance to ICT in education and have worked out a series of national strategic plans to support and promote the development of ICT in education. China has also made a strategic choice to facilitate education modernization through ICT in education in its education reform and development. To date, China has achieved considerable progress in ICT infrastructure construction, application of digital resources, teaching innovation and ICT-supported educational management. However, there still exist problems in awareness, mechanisms, spending, and talent team construction. Since the “National Development Plan for ICT in Education (2011–2020)” was issued in 2012, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China has taken a series of measures such as “three connections and two platforms,” “full coverage of digital education resources in teaching sites” and “teacher training,” adhering to the core idea of deep integration between ICT and education, and sticking to demand-driven application and mechanism innovation. This chapter focuses on the status, problems, targets, key measures, and experience of ICT in education in China.


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