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How to Scientifically Construct a Smart City

  • Shaojun Luan
  • Yunzhao Li
Conference paper


More and more cities in China are devoted to construct smart city nowadays. But many of the cities are lack of a scientific and global knowledge of smart city. Duplicated construction, isolated information islands, lack of scientific top-level design and lack of standards support, these issues are very common. Then how to scientifically construct a smart city? From the local government’s management side, we can make up a powerful leading group, Establish a unified project examination and approval mechanism. Introduce the government-leading and market-operation investment and financing mode, and make a suitable development strategy for local government’s smart city construction. From the technical side, we can do good top-level design, Use cloud computing data center to develop the green data center concept, Use the standards for smart city in the implementation, Make a scientific and reasonable method of data sharing and establish or introduce the estimating system in the implementation.


Smart city Duplicated construction Isolated information island Approval mechanism Development strategy Top-level design Standards Estimate system 


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