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Study on Relationship Between Leaders’ Characteristics and Equity Incentive Mode in Chinese Listed Corporations

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Equity incentive mode is the result of corporation management decision. So, the characteristics of Leaders have important impact on it. By empirically studying, this paper found that the age of leaders has no significant on equity incentive coverage, but the professional background of Leaders do. When leaders’ professional background is more similar to company main business, the Equity incentive coverage will be wider. Furthermore, the better the education of Leaders is, the better the effect of equity incentive will be.


Leader Equity incentive mode Equity incentive coverage 



This work was done with help of these foundations: Project (NR201109,NR2013011) supported by the funds for the Central Universities; Project (09YJC630120) supported by the Ministry of Education humanities and social science; Project (71173105) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China; Project “Customer Behavior Analytics in Multi-channel Scenario” supported with IBM Global Shared University Research Award.


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