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The Potential Challenges of the Entrepreneurial Education for China’s Open Universities

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Different from traditional universities, Open Universities have no entry requirement for students, and the mission of Open Universities is to make sure that students have access to knowledge anytime anywhere. Compared with some developed countries, Open Universities are still new in China. It faces many problems and challenges and needs a lot of human and financial support. In this paper, we bring forward some discussion on potential issues for Open Universities. We mainly focus on entrepreneurial education since entrepreneurial education may be the most challenging task for Open Universities in China. The discussion covers several topics: heterogeneity of students, competition and cooperation, the quality of entrepreneurial education and research.


Open university Entrepreneurial education Heterogeneity Competition and cooperation Quality Research 



This work was supported by Educational Scientific Research Funds of Education Department of Yunnan Province [2012].


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  • Hongbin Lv
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