Energy Indicator: Primary Energy Intensity

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Energy is a material resource that is essential to national economic production and life of urban and rural residents and one lifeline that affects economic and social development as well. However, at the same time, the process of energy exploitation and use may cause many adverse outcomes such as resource exhaustion, ecological damage, and environmental pollution. In particular, the extensive use of fossil energy puts severe challenges to capability of resources, ecology and environment. To improve the efficiency of energy utilization and support economic and social development to the maximum degree with the least energy consumption is a necessary requirement for a well-balanced development of economy, society and ecology and an important guarantee for realizing human green development. Energy intensity is the ratio of energy consumption to and gross economic product, an important indicator to measure the effectiveness of comprehensive energy use and a key indicator to measure human green development. The lower the energy intensity is, the less the energy consumption per unit is, ensuring a higher level of green economic development.


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