Kurt Goldstein

  • Robert Ulich


It is often difficult to determine which sources of influence have molded one’s own thinking, but I believe that my conception of education has been deeply affected by Kurt Goldstein’s writings on the psychophysical nature of man.


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    Goethe refers here to his Leiden des Jungen Werther of the year 1774, and other products of his Sturm und Drang.Google Scholar
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    A short paper by Kurt Goldstein on Goethe’s Methods of Scientific Inquiry bears out Professor Ulich’s remarks and may be of interest to the reader. It was published in German under the title: “Bemerkung zum Vortrag von Prof. Otto Meyerhof: Ueber Goethe’s Methoden der Naturforschung,” in Proceed. Rudolf Virchow Med. Soc., N.Y., 1949, 0, 110–112.—Editor.Google Scholar

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