Herniation and Protrusion of Intervertebral Discs and Spondylotic Myeloradiculopathy

  • Francis A. Echlin
  • Emanuel H. Feiring


In this new edition little has been added to the section on herniated discs in the lumbar region, since the fundamental ideas regarding the pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of this condition have not changed radically. Some of the more recent contributions on this subject, however, are reviewed and are included in the bibliography, especially those dealing with end results (Barr, 1967; Bradford, 1960; Gurdjian et al, 1961; Raaf, 1959; Semmes, 1964; White, 1966); with the value of foraminotomy (Shenkin and Haft, 1966); and with the treatment of midline and bilateral herniations (Haft and Shenkin, 1966; Uihlein and Baker, 1968).


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