The First Experiential Area: Problems of Orality and Deprivation

  • William V. Silverberg


THE INFANT’S ILLUSORY SENSE of effective aggression (based, as we have seen, upon the alert attention of the mother*) becomes more and more uncertain during the early months of life, in direct proportion, one would suppose, to the increasing frequency and prolongation of her inattention. This increasing inattention is not apt to involve matters related to the infant’s somatic health and survival, such as whether he is wann enough or whether he falls to the floor; it involves, rather, the matter of his hunger and his oral needs and wishes. The mother knows that her child, who is healthy and is growing, is in no immediate danger of illness or death from starvation or dehydration and permits herself, now more and more, whenever her own convenience is at issue, to have the child wait a little for his feeding; as the child grows older, it seems less and less essential to her to still the child’s hunger the instant he evinces it or to anticipate it and feed him before he even feels hungry.


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