Generalized quadratic-residue codes

  • J. H. van Lint
Part of the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences book series (CISM)


At the 1975 CISM Summer School on Information Theory P. Camion (cf. [1]) introduced “global quadratic abelian codes” which are a generalization of (classical) quadratic residue codes (QR-codes). A year earlier H.N. Ward (cf. [8]) had used symplectic geometry to introduce a generalization of QR-codes. Both presentations rely heavily on abstract algebra. Essentially such codes (at least in the binary case) were introduced by Ph. Del-sarte in 1971 (cf. [2]) as codes generated by the adjacency matrices of finite miquelian inversive planes. Recently J.H. van Lint and F.J. Mac-Williams (cf. [4]) showed that the methods that are used to treat QR-codes can easily be generalized to give a completely analogous treatment of the so-called generalized quadratic residue codes (GQR-codes).


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