Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Actions of Midodrine and ST 1059

  • H. Pittner


The alpha-adrenergic stimulating agent midodrine (1-(2′,5′-dimethoxyphenyl) — 2 — glycineamido — ethanol(1)) is well absorbed from the gastro — intestinal tract after oral administration. Midodrine has been suggested to be the “transport form” from which the pharmacologically active main metabolite ST 1059 (1-(2′,5′-dimethoxy — phenyl)-2-amino-ethanol(1))is formed by the enzymatic cleavage of glycine.


Glycine Respiration Phenyl Noradrenaline Adrenaline 

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  • H. Pittner
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  1. 1.CHEMIE LINZ AG, PharmakologieLinzAustria

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