Intestinal Absorption of Cobalt and Iron: Interaction and Subcellular Distribution

  • G. Becker


The absorption kinetic 10 min after administration of 59Fe-(FeCl3) and 60Co-(CoCl2) in increasing doses (0,5 – 1000 ng-at metal) in tied off duodenal segments of normal and iron-deficient (d) rats shows saturation characteristic for both metals. The effect of cobalt on iron absorption was studied in d rats at iron doses of 10 and 200 ng-at iron. When administring 200 ng-at iron the presence of 108 ng-at cobalt caused a reduction of iron absorption to 40 percent; excess of cobalt (1080 ng-at) diminished iron absorption to about 9 percent, whereas the uptake of iron into the mucosa did not differ from the controls. In an equal amount, however, cobalt (9 ng-at) did not diminish the absorption of iron (10 ng-at 59Fe-(FeCl3).


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