Patterns of short-range time orientation in geriatric patients

  • Rosalie H. Rosenfelt
  • Robert Kastenbaum
  • Philip E. Slater


It is strange, considering the central role of time experience in our lives, that its qualitative aspects have not been of more interest to research psychologists. Rather, it is the philosophers, historians, dramatists and writers who have studied qualitative aspects of time experience. In a formal or quantitative sense, time has been studied by physicists, musicians and astronomers. Behavioral scientists, however, except for the psychophysicists, have investigated time but little. Psychophysical research has consisted mainly in the analysis of short, quantifiable, microcosmic units of duration. Recently psychologists have shown increased interest in the qualitative aspects of time, considered especially in larger, or macrocosmic, units. For these studies, duration and quantitative concerns are of less salience than personality factors, individual differences and situational circumstances.


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  • Rosalie H. Rosenfelt
  • Robert Kastenbaum
  • Philip E. Slater

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