A Progammed Construction for the Positional Control

  • V. D. Batuhtin
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Let the motion of a competitively controlled system be described by the differential equation
$$dx/dt = f(t,x,u,v),{\kern 1pt} x({t_0}) = {x_0},$$
(1) where x ∊ Rn is the phase vector of the system; u and v are the vectors controlling the actions of the players with restrictions u[t] ∊ P ⊂RP; v[t] ∊ Q ⊂ Ra; P and Q are compacts; the function f(t, x, u, v) is continuous in the totality of the arguments and continuously differentiable in x. In addition, we will assume that the formulated in [1] condition of uniform ex-tendability of the solutions for the equation (1) is fulfilled.


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  1. 1.Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, UralScientific Center of the Academy of Scienes of the USSRSverdlovskUSSR

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