Die Bedeutung der Arbeiten Albrecht von Graefes für die Gesichtsfeldprüfung

  • Heinrich Harms


von Graefe’s paper „Über die Untersuchung des Gesichtsfeldes bei amblyopischen Affektionen“ initiated the systematic examination of the visual field in ophthalmology. He insisted that the objective changes recorded by the ophthalmoscope should be related to the resulting functional disturbances. His treatise is of fundamental importance with its wealth of keen observations and new methods. Von Graefe made a distinction between absolute and relative loss of vision within field defects and demonstrated the significance of fixation in perimetry. He described the characteristic lesions of choroiditis, detachment of the retina and the various forms of hemianopia. Cataract and opacities of the vitreous cause only relative interference with the visual field. Visual defects are highly significant in glaucoma, although von Graefe failed to recognize the characteristic development of these lesions. Perimetry was for him indispensable in examining the individual patient: he liked to demonstrate it on his patients in order to bring home to his students how important it is in diagnosis and prognosis, thus establishing perimetry as a clinical examination procedure.

The Importance of Albrecht von Graefe’s Work on the Examination of the Visual Field


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