Die Beiträge Albrecht von Graefes zur Diagnostik und Therapie des Schielens

  • Herrmann Martin Burian

Albrecht von Graefe’s Contributions to the Diagnosis and Therapy of Strabismus


A. von Graefe has had a special interest in the problems of ocular motility. His contributions to this field are briefly reviewed. His musculo-mechanical theory of the etiology of strabismus, his elaboration of the diplopia test, his fundamental work on extraocular muscle palsies, especially of the oblique muscles, are discussed. His many fascinating single observations are pointed out. Some of these have been rediscovered of late years and have played a significant role in modern strabismology. It is furthermore related how von Graefe’s early insistence on a rigid interpretation of the identity theory at first led to confusion of pseudostrabismus through ectopia of the macula, eccentric fixation in deep amblyopia, and anomalous correspondence. It was subsequently modified by sharp observations and a willingness to reject a favorite theory on the basis of these observations. Lastly, it is told how von Graefe reintroduced the tenotomy operation and made it acceptable to the profession by improving the indications and technique of the operation.


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