Albrecht von Graefe, seine Persönlichkeit, seine Zeit

  • Friedrich Rintelen

Albrecht von Graefe, his Personality and his Times


This essay leaves aside Graefe’s achievements in science and ophthalmology to present the man—Graefe as human being—chiefly on the basis of his surviving letters and the correspondence with his friend Waldau, as well as with Donders, Horner and Jakobson.

His brief life not only glowed with incredible scientific intensity, it was also distinguished by an imposing personality. The first half of his adult life was filled with the happy activity of a liberal-minded extrovert, tasting the pleasures of Nature on long mountain excursions; the second half was a courageous fight against severe illness and a variety of family troubles. Graefe won through as a man, and this is perhaps an even greater achievement than his fundamental work in ophthalmology. His humanity makes him attractive to us, brings the critical, questioning pathophysiologist, the skulles operator, the inspiring teacher and exceptional organizer to life for us, making him seem almost contemporary.


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