Additional Laboratory Data and Differential Diagnosis

  • John I. Nurnberger
  • Saul R. Korey


Reports of hypochromic anemia, relative and absolute lymphocytosis and occasional eosinophilia in hypopituitary states were frequent in the early clinical literature, and were summarized by Hubble in 1933.260 Several pertinent experimental investigations are of interest in this regard. Corey and Britton in 1932,92 noted a striking decrease in total leukocytes following bilateral adrenalectomy, in spite of hemoconcentration. A concomitant lymphocytosis was associated with this leukopenia. Adrenal cortical extract completely reinstated the normal cellular relationships, adrenalin only slightly and glucose and saline solutions not at all. Splenectomy exerted no apparent effect on the observed changes.


Adenoma Anemia Testosterone Meningitis Adrenalin 


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