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The MacArthur Research Network on Successful Aging Community Study is a three-site, longitudinal study of successful aging in men and women aged 70–79 years. Subjects for this study were drawn from men and women in three larger, population-based samples of individuals aged 65 and older in Durham, North Carolina; East Boston, Massachusetts; and New Haven, Connecticut, which are part of the National Institute on Aging-funded Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly (EPESE) (Cornoni-Huntley, Brock, Ostfeld, Taylor, & Wallace, 1986). Subjects were sub-sampled from these larger cohorts on the basis of age (70–79) and physical and cognitive function at the time of their 1988 annual EPESE interview. Age was restricted to facilitate the examination of other factors that may predict maintenance of higher functioning in the longitudinal phase of the study.


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