A modular FMS concept in practice for prismatic parts

  • R. Tuokko
Conference paper


Standardisation and modularity of system elements are key factors for the competitive application of FMS-technology. This minimises the need for one-off project-specific engineering and software development thus decreasing project lead time and ensuring higher reliability.

Valmet Factory Automation has developed a modular FMS-concept easily applicable for a wide range of production needs. Both circular and linear layouts are available for storing and handling pallets. The modular control system offers the possibility to choose control functions and modules according to actual needs and also allows for extensions to be made subsequently to meet changed conditions.

Vaimet’s FMS concept has successfully been used in a number of FMS-projects in Finland. This paper overviews the concept through four case studies, one is a circular type FMC and three are host computer controlled linear type FMSs. Preceding the concept overview some general aspects are presented which assert the importance of relieving the utilization of FMS technology discussing “The Way towards Everyman’s FMS”.


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