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  • Frontier Dispute


By a Special Agreement of 16 September 1983 filed with the Registry of the Court on 20 October 1983 the Republic of Burkina Faso and the Republic of Mali had submitted a dispute to the Court concerning the delimitation of their common frontier. According to Article II of this Special Agreement the case was to be decided by a Chamber of the Court constituted according to Article 26(2) of the Statute. After having duly consulted the Parties as to the composition of the Chamber, the Court decided by an order of 3 April 1985 that the Chamber was to be composed of the Judges Lachs, Ruda and Bedjaoui as well as Judge ad hoc Luchaire to sit for Burkina Faso and Judge ad hoc Abi-Saab to sit for Mali.


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  • Frontier Dispute
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