As reviewed above, the descending fibre systems to the cord are not identical with regard to their sites and mode of ending in the spinal grey matter. Yet, some of them reveal striking mutual resemblances, while they differ from others. Morphological differences and similarities like these presumably reflect functional features. It seems a likely assumption, for example, that fibre systems ending in the same regions and in the same manner are functionally closely related to each other, while they presumably differ functionally from systems having different sites of termination. There are, in fact, a number of physiological observations from recent years which are in complete agreement with this assumption, as will be discussed below. These data achieve a broader interest when considered in relation to some other recent anatomical and physiological observations on those fibre systems which act on the nuclei of origin of the descending pathways to the cord. Finally, certain comparative anatomical features deserve mention. These will briefly be considered first.


Fibre System Medial Vestibular Nucleus Primary Afferent Depolarization Lateral Vestibular Nucleus Physiological Observation 
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