Adenocarcinoma, Glandular Stomach, Rat

  • Zoltán Szentirmay
  • János Sugar
Part of the Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals book series (LABORATORY, volume 3)


Most cases of experimentally induced adenocarcinoma arise in the antral region, in the vicinity of the pylorus of the glandular stomach. In early cases, the tumors appear as round or oval, slightly elevated solitary or multiple lesions 2–4 mm in diameter (Fig. 331). Some cases of intramucosal carcinoma with erosion, located in the level of the mucous membrane, have also been observed. The mean diameter of advanced carcinomas is 5–6 mm (Ohgaki et al. 1983), but tumors 20–30mm in diameter have also been found. Mac-roscopically, three different types can be distinguished: umbilicated or ulcerated tumors with irregular elevated margins; flowerbed-like lesions with a central area of depression; hemispherical or polypous protruded lesions (Saito et al. 1970).


Tubular adenocarcinoma adenotu-bular carcinoma mucoid-cystic adenocarcinoma muconodular adenocarcinoma mucocellular adenocarcinoma signet-ring cell adenocarcinoma mucinous adenocarcinoma 


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