Abbreviated Designation of Amino Acid Derivatives and Peptides

  • Claude Liébecq


These Tentative Rules are an attempt to achieve a broad systematization of various types of abbreviated notation already in use [e.g. Brand and Edsall, Ann. Rev. Biochem. 16 (1947) 224; Report of the Committee on Abbreviations of the American Society of Biological Chemists, December 18, 1959; Report of the Committee on Nomenclature of the European Peptide Symposium, Pergamon Press, 1963, pp. 261–269; “Tentative Rules for Abbreviations and Symbols of Chemical Names of Special Interest in Biological Chemistry,” IUPAC Information Bulletin No. 20, July 1963, pages 16–18; 1965 revision of the latter]. They seek to reconcile the needs of the protein chemist, i.e. indication of amino acid sequences, with those of persons concerned more with the chemical reactions of proteins and the synthesis of polypeptides, i.e. the need of conveying more detailed chemical information in abbreviated form.


Amino Acid Derivative Common Amino Acid Abbreviate Notation Glycine Methyl Ester Glycine Ethyl Ester 
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