Monomolecular Films at Saline/Fluorocarbon Interfaces

  • Murray D. Rosenberg


Biologists concerned with the structure and function of cellular membranes have often obtained useful ideas and pertinent information by studying the analogous physical and chemical properties of phosphatide and lipoprotein films Generally, the properties of films at aqueous/air interfaces are investigated, while very few parallel experiments are carried out at aqueous/oil interfaces. In the former case the van der Waals interactions between the fatty acid chains of the phosphatides are considerable; in the latter case, these. interactions are markedly reduced. As indicated by Da vie s and Rideal [1] additional information concerning the intermolecular forces among molecules comprising monomolecular films can be obtained by studying both experimental situations. This preliminary report summarizes some measurements on pure and mixed films of phosphatides spread at aqueous/air and aqueous/fluorocarbon interfaces. The latter system has the additional advantage in that the behaviour of living cells in contact with the monomolecular films can be observed.


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  • Murray D. Rosenberg
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  1. 1.The Rockefeller UniversityNew YorkUSA

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