The Effect of Metabolic Inhibitors on Pinocytosis in Amoebae

  • Cicily Chapman-Andresen


The first phase of pinocytosis in amoebae consists of the binding of the inducing solute to the mucous coat (Schumaker 1958; Brandt 1958); this binding, which is rather independent of temperature, is due to the presence of acid mucopolysaccharides in the coat and hence is dependent on the charge of the inducing solute. The second phase, the active process of channel formation, is a temperature dependent function (d e Terra and Rust ad 1959; Chapman-Andresen 1962). Data presented by Schumaker (1958) and by de Terra and R us tad (1959) indicated that, for pinocytosis of proteins, the latter process is dependent on aerobic respiration.


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