Changes in soft X-ray spectra, due to chemical bonding, valency, co-ordination number, etc have been reported in the literature for many years. However, very little use of these effects have been made in electron probe microanalysis, rather, they have been regarded as a nuisance in quantitative analysis. A research programme to study the feasibility of using such measurements to increase the amount of information obtainable from the electron probe microanalyser has been set up at S.T.L. In particular, measurements have been made of the so-called Chemical Shift. It soon became evident that the repeatability of the standard spectrometers of our commercial microanalyser, although perfectly adequate for normal use, was not always sufficient for chemical shift measurements. This paper therefore describes a precision linear spectrometer (which is a direct replacement for the fixed centre bearing spectrometer of the Japan Electron Optics Laboratories JXA-3A), a digital control unit, a novel proportional counter design, and gives some data from a continuing investigation of large D-spacing crystals.


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