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  • Rainer Winkelmann
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The subject matter of this thesis is usually called Count Data Models by those who practice it and write about it. I have added “Econometric Theory and an Application to Labor Mobility” to the title, for I found it helpful in specifying and conceptualizing the kind of issues I wanted to give priority to. My central purpose is to contribute to the recent research in count data methodology, while concentrating on those aspects that are encountered by an empirically oriented scholar and are crucial for both the organzation of his research as well as for the proper interpretation of the results. I address the problems that are rooted in the logic of using econometric theory rather than in the pure art of making it. To this end, I present both a synthesis of a diverse body of literature that hitherto was available largely in pieces, as well as a contribution to the progress of the methodology, establishing several new results and introducing new models.


Labor Mobility Count Data Model Econometric Theory Specific Human Capital Small Sample Bias 
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