Growth Rings

  • Sherwin Carlquist
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Relatively little work has been done on growth rings in dicotyledons since the early survey of Jost (1891) except for the often-cited work of Chowdhury (1934, 1936, 1939, 1940 a, b, 1947, 1953, 1964) and the key to ring-porous woods by Record (1942 a). Chowdhury in these papers described in detail the growth rings of 11 species of Indian trees. He then attempted to compare growth rings in these species to all relevant factors: temperature, light, rainfall, humidity, foliar development, locality (e.g., microclimates), and “internal factors” (e.g., growth-promoting substances). Chowdhury concludes that factors are interrelated, and one obtains no clear picture of which factors are primary and which are secondary in initiation and differential events within a growth ring.


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