Finite Groups with Sylow 2-Subgroups of Type the Alternating Group of Degree Sixteen

  • Hiroyoshi Yamaki
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 372)


A 2-group is said to be of type X if it is isomorphic to a Sylow 2-subgroup of the group X . If G is a group with a Sylow 2-subgroup S of type X , we say that G has the involution fusion pattern of X if for some isomorphism θ of S onto a Sylow 2-subgroup of X , two involutions a, b of S are conjugate in G if and only if the involutions θ(a), θ(b) of θ(S) are conjugate in X . Also we say that a group G is fusion-simple if G = O 2(G) and O(G) = Z(G) = 1 .


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  • Hiroyoshi Yamaki
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  1. 1.Osaka UniversityToyonaka, Osaka 560Japan

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