Electron-Beam-Induced Current, Cathodoluminescence and Special Techniques

  • Ludwig Reimer
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 45)


Electron beams generate electron-hole pairs or minority carriers in semiconductors within a small volume. They are therefore excellent tools for measuring semiconductor-device parameters such as the diffusion length, the surface recombination velocity, the relaxation time, and the position and width of depletion layers by recording the charge-collection current or electron-beaminduced current in a depletion layer. Schottky barriers as well as diffused and ion-implanted p-n junctions can be studied. By modulating the CRT with the charge-collection current, images of depletion layers and of crystal defects, which influence the recombination of minority carriers, can be displayed.


Diffusion Length Minority Carrier Depletion Layer Schottky Diode Surface Recombination 
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