Reconstruction of the Primary Sequence of a Protein from Peptides of Known Sequence

  • Alfred D. Goldstone
  • Saul B. Needleman
Part of the Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Biophysics / Molekularbiologie Biochemie und Biophysik book series (MOLECULAR, volume 8)


The reconstruction of the complete amino acid sequence of a protein is not unlike assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The ease with which the task is accomplished depends upon the details known about the smaller units making up the total picture. Thus, in the jigsaw puzzle, one is aided by examining the shape, color, size and pictorial composition of each piece in the puzzle. Similarly, in reassembling the amino acid sequence of a protein, one must have comparable information regarding the total amino acid composition, the amino acid content of the subunits of the protein structure, i.e. the individual peptides, and, preferably, the exact sequence of each of these peptides.


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