Sarcomatoid Carcinomas of the Breast: An Immunocytochemical Study of 14 Cases

  • Vincenzo Eusebi
  • Maria G. Cattani
  • Claudio Ceccarelli
  • Janez Lamovec


Sarcomatoid carcinomas are biphasic tumors composed of both carcinomatous and sarcomatous elements.1–3 They constitute an uncommon but morphologically well documented entity described in numerous sites. Eight cases of spindle-cell epidermoid carcinoma occurring in the skin of the face and shoulder were described by Martin and Stewart.4 Subsequently, similar cases, carrying various names, have been documented, mostly in the upper aerodigestive tract5,6 such as the mouth,7–10 paranasal sinuses,11 larynx,5,9,12–16pharynx,7,17 and esophagus.7,18–22 Other locations for sarcomatoid carcinomas include salivary glands,23,24 stomach,25 small intestine,26 large intestine,27 pancreas28 and anal canal.29 Other cases have been described in the brain,30 thyroid,31,32 and urogenital tract.33–40 Several cases have also been described in the lungs41–43 and skin.44,45


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