Carcinomas of the Breast with Signet Ring Cell and/or Squamous Metaplasia

  • Gianni Bussolati
  • Anna Sapino
  • Isabella Morra
  • Bruno Ghiringhello


Carcinomas of the breast may show focal or extensive mucus production. Mucinous carcinomas1 are defined as cancers which have a large amount of extracellular epithelial mucus, whereas signet ring cell carcinomas contain intracellular deposits of PAS and/or Alcian Blue material. The latter tumors have been considered to be a variant of either lobular2 or ductal3 5 type of cancer on the basis of ultrastructural and/or histochemical investigations. Azzopardi6 reviewed the literature on this subject and proposed that both lobular and ductal type of signet ring cell variants could be encountered, an opinion shared by Hull and co-workers.7


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