Hairy Cell Leukemia: Advances in the Immunologic Evaluation and Identification of a Normal Counterpart Cell

  • Kathy Foucar


HAIRY CELL LEUKEMIA (HCL) is a distinct clinicopathologic entity that has sparked controversy from the time of its initial recognition. Bouroncle and coworkers are widely credited for the first detailed description of HCL based on their classic 1958 paper, which evaluated 26 patients with a disease that these authors termed leukemic reticuloendotheliosis.1 However, an earlier description of 16 patients with HCL is found in a 1952 abstract on “reticulum cell leukemia” presented to the American Society of Clinical Pathology by Rosenthal and Lee.2 The subsequent manuscript submitted by these authors in 1953 to the American Journal of Clinical Pathology was rejected because the reviewers felt that the paper had merely applied a new name to “a commonly recognized condition.”2


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