Cancer of the Stomach in the U.S.S.R.

  • Alexandr Chaklin
Conference paper
Part of the UICC Monograph Series book series (UICC, volume 10)


In most parts of U.S.S.R. cancer of the stomach occupies first or second place in the structure of malignant tumour morbidity and mortality. The obligatory information about every new case of malignant tumour all over the country and sufficient information about all deaths from cancer give cancer researchers in the country a great opportunity to study the epidemiology of cancer of the stomach. The 260 oncological dispensaries and 2,300 oncological cabinets are now keeping cancer registries summarizing data about all cases of cancer. In outpatient departments is a center for dispensarization for all patients with pretumour processes. The frequency of gastritis, ulcer and polyposis is studied and the patients are followed up, to see how often gastric cancer could develop on the soil of different gastric diseases.


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