Intra- and Extradural Tumor — Dumbbell Schwannoma

  • Ludwig G. Kempe


Schwannomas (neurolemmomas) constitute 33 percent of the spinal cord tumors seen during the last 20 years at Walter Reed General Hospital. Characteristically these tumors originate from a dorsal thoracic nerve root intrathecally. The tumor may extend along the nerve peripherally through the intervertebral neural foramina. The extradural portion of this well—encapsulated lesion may reach tremendous size. X—rays of the spine may show erosion around the foramina or even complete absence of the pedicles and lamina on the side of the tumor. When a mediastinal tumor is thought to be a Schwannoma, a myelogram should be performed even in the absence of any neuropathy or myelopathy. The intradural portion of this tumor should always be removed prior to surgical treatment of a mediastinal extension to avoid damage to the spinal cord during manipulation of the extradural portion of the lesion.


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