Dynamics of Incoherent Transfer

  • D. L. Huber
Part of the Topics in Applied Physics book series (TAP, volume 49)


In the material presented in Chap. 2 emphasis was placed on the microscopic aspects of inter-atomic energy transfer. Expressions were given for the rates characterizing the transfer of excitation between individual atoms or molecules. In this chapter we discuss the connection between experimental studies of the time evolution of the fluorescence and the underlying microscopic transfer processes. We consider two classes of experiments: time resolved fluorescence line narrowing and the time evolution of the integrated fluorescence in the presence of traps. In each case we first discuss the general theory. Various approximations are then outlined, followed by a brief discussion of the use of the theory in the interpretation and analysis of experiments. Special features of the analysis which pertain to transport in one-dimensional systems are discussed in Appendix 3.A. Backtransfer from the traps is analyzed in Appendix 3.B.


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