The Cytoskeleton in Hyphal Growth, Organelle Movements, and Mitosis

  • I. B. Heath
Part of the The Mycota book series (MYCOTA, volume 1)


The cytoskeleton is an integrated and coordinated meshwork of filamentous polymers which are interconnected and linked to other cellular structures by a diverse array of molecules. This meshwork permeates much or all of the cytoplasm, although its concentration varies considerably in different parts of the cell, and its organization and properties are under precise developmental and functional control. The spatial organization of organelles and most intracellular structures is largely determined by the cytoskeleton. Furthermore, as we shall see, many aspects of hyphal, and thus colony and fruit body morphology are also directly determined by the cytoskeleton. Clearly, the cytoskeleton plays a major role in the life of fungi.


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