Landforms, Soils and Man in the Tropics

  • Alfred Wirthmann


This final section of the book is not going to deal with direct and intentional changes of the geomorphology of a landscape, such as the terracing of slopes or the damming of reservoirs of all sizes, which create a new slope runoff or fluvial regime. In principle they have a morphologically stabilizing effect, although once in a while the effect will be opposite, as in the case of a soil slip following intensive soaking of a slope with rainfall-collecting terraces. Of interest is also the unintentional and often excessive erosion at the downstream foot of reservoir dams, especially where a spillway was turned into an artificial waterfall. In this way a plunge pool 50 m deep was excavated without any erosion tools in only four years at the foot of the Kariba Dam of the Zambezi River (H.H. Thomas 1976, as quoted by Young 1985).


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