Developmental Studies on New Sampling Inspection Plans

  • H. Kimura
  • Ch. Asano
Conference paper
Part of the Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 4 book series (FSQC, volume 4)


In view of industrial productivity and marketing flow of products in practice, sampling inspection plans (s.i.p.$) have carried out effectively their mission at every stage of acceptance, manufacturing processes and shipment of products. Accordingly, it is also wellknown that several plans by attributes and by variables are ready-made and proposed as international and domestic standards of industry, e.g. JIS Z-9003, MIL-STD-105D, ISO 3951, JIS Z-9015, although there exist delicate differences on nuance among Acceptance (Vendor and Vendee) s.i.p.s, Intermediate s.i.p.s, Final (Outgoing) s.i.p.s, and others (e.g. Detail inspection, Strange inspection, Half-finished product inspection, Lot inspection), and that such differences are extremely influential to apply scientific s.i.p.s to practice.


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  • H. Kimura
    • 1
  • Ch. Asano
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  1. 1.OkayamaJapan
  2. 2.TokyoJapan

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