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DVB Solutions for Interactive Services

  • Ulrich Reimers
Part of the Signals and Communication Technology book series (SCT)


In digital television, video and audio signals are acquired, transmitted and presented as a sequence of numerical values. The techniques in processing the stream of digital data in the various components of the transmission chain have been described in the previous chapters. However, only the distribution of digital signals from the broadcasting service provider to the user, i.e. in one direction has been considered so far. With the increasing availability of digital transmission systems a desire emerged to augment classical broadcasting services with services providing a certain level of interactivity. The user would be able to react to information presented by the service provider or even to contribute to the information exchange. To achieve interactivity, a return channel needs to be added to the transmission system enabling data to travel from the user back to the service provider.


Microwave Encapsulation Dium Allo Adapter 


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