Flow Study for Operation of a Canal Regulator under Tidal Conditions

  • B. H. Rofe
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The flow study described in this paper was carried out as part of the design of a barrage and regulator on the newly constructed Shatt Al-Basrah canal, which is situated west of Basrah. The canal was designed to connect the freshwater Hamar Lake, through which the River Euphrates flows to the sea via Khor Al-Zubair at the head of the Gulf. Rofe, Kennard & Lapworth in association with Golder Hoek Associates, were appointed to review the design of the barrage and supervise the construction. The barrage incorporated a navigation lock 18 metres wide with a swing bridge over, five undersluices and two oversluices. The canal was excavated through the open desert consisting of sandy alluvium with a bottom width of 59 metres (to be widened to 98 metres in a second stage development) and side slopes of 6 to 1. A general location plan is shown as Figure 1.


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