Dam and Deviation Tunnel for the Control of a Torrent Upstream a Landslide

  • Eugenio Del Felice
  • Corrado Merizzi
Conference paper


In a valley in the southern side of the Rethic Alps a landslide made of detrital materials is continui-sly moving mainly during the snow melting months. Its speed reaches 1 cm/day. The total volume of the landslide is estimated at about 20 million m3. Its final fall would close the valley with a 90–105 m high epankment obstruction. Consequently a 2 million m3 storage reservoir would be formed. The water overflowing such obstruction would quickly cause its collapse and the sudden release of the impounded water would flood an important town 3 km downstream, with incalculable damages. The local Authorities charged the authors of this paper to study the measures best suited to limit the damages consequent to the landslide fall.


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