Design of the Remodelled Headworks and Canal System for the Greater Mussayib Project

  • M. E. Bramley
  • G. Thompson
Conference paper


A re-evaluation study of the Greater Mussayib project in Iraq was carried out by Binnie & Partners for the Ministry of Irrigation in 1981. This followed earlier investigations by the Ministry and FAO/UNDP[1] into problems of sedimentation and poor distribution in the irrigation system, as well as salinisation and drainage of agricultural land. The objectives of the study were to investigate these problem areas in detail, and to outline the engineering measures necessary to overcome them. Following this, detailed engineering designs for the so-called remodelling works were completed in 1982 — implementation has yet to commence on site. This paper describes the remodelling of the headworks and the canal system. Its interest lies principally in the fact that it relates to remodelling an existing system rather than the construction of a new system, where many of the constraints discussed would not apply.


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  • G. Thompson
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