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Compound Semiconductor Heterostructures by Smart Cut™: SiC On Insulator, QUASIC™ Substrates, InP and GaAs Heterostructures on Silicon

  • L. Di Cioccio
  • E. Jalaguier
  • F. Letertre
Part of the Springer Series in MATERIALS SCIENCE book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 75)


Large band gap semiconductors will find more and more applications in such important fields as power electronics, high temperature electronics or optoelectronics where traditional semiconductors are not suitable. Very important efforts have been made in the last decade on the development of wide band gap materials. It is crucial for any industrial development to produce large-size materials with good quality at a reasonable cost. Unfortunately crystal growth of these refractory materials is difficult. For example, SiC can only be obtained using very high temperature sublimation or CVD techniques.


Compound Semiconductor Bonding Layer High Electron Mobility Transistor GaAs Film Sheet Carrier Density 
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