Silicon-on-insulator by the Smart Cut™ Process

  • G. K. Celler
  • A. J. Auberton-Hervé
  • B. Aspar
  • C. Lagahe-Blanchard
  • C. Maleville
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Wafer bonding was established in the 1980s as convenient and reliable means of producing multilayer structures consisting of crystalline and amorphous layers [1,2]. The science of wafer bonding was developed and the practice of getting two flat wafer surfaces to stick and bond has become quite successful. The one major weakness that remained was the difficulty of transforming one of the bonded wafers into a much thinner layer of uniform thickness.


Silicon Wafer Layer Transfer Implantation Dose Wafer Bonding Fully Deplete 
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  • G. K. Celler
  • A. J. Auberton-Hervé
  • B. Aspar
  • C. Lagahe-Blanchard
  • C. Maleville

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