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  • Wang Zhijiang
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Following the emergence of the first laser in the world, in September 1961, a ruby laser which is the first laser ever developed in China was operated in my laboratory /1/. All the components and materials used, including the ruby crystal, xenon lamp, dielectric film, spherical condenser, etc. were designed and fabricated by ourselves. Since then, while various kinds of new lasers came into being in the world, most of the principal types have also occurred in China sooner or later. Table 1 illustrates the developments of various principal types of lasers in China according to chronological order. Our laser scientists have also successfully achieved a number of new laser lines (Table 2). Along with these laser developments, research work on laser materials, laser physics and testing facilities have been undertaken. At the same time, extensive investigations have been made on the applications of lasers in industry, agriculture, medicine and other scientific areas.


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