When I Encountered Tobacco BY-2 Cells!

  • Toshiyuki Nagata
Part of the Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry book series (AGRICULTURE, volume 53)


The tobacco BY-2 cell line has attained a unique position in the plant science community. Although it is one of many plant cell lines, it has spread to at least 27 countries, as far as I am aware, and more than 500 papers in which the BY-2 cell line is handled as experimental material have been published from 1990–1999. Since then, publications on this cell line are steadily increasing. It seems that this cell line has been brought to much wider locations than the above-mentioned 27 countries as well without my notice. Thus, the basic knowledge on the molecular and cellular biology of plant cells is most extensively and intensively accumulated on this cell line (Nagata et al. 1992; Geelen and Inzé 2001). This is one of the strong reasons why this volume is included in this series of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry (BAF). The accumulated knowledge can be shared with scientists of applied as well as basic fields. In this situation, it is worthwhile to reflect what happened in the earlier stage of the culture of tobacco BY-2 cells.


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