The Spectrum of Turbulence

  • Siegfried Grossmann


The clustered distribution of interstellar matter raised C.F. von Weizsäcker’s interest in turbulent flow with its nested vortex structures, its intermittent distribution of strongly active, dissipative turbulent bursts amidst more quiet regions, all this strongly fluctuating in time. Evidently many time scales are present, the smaller vortex structures circulating faster, being advected by the slower, larger ones. Also the spatial structures of the turbulent vortices or eddies display many scales. The prevailing impression of a turbulent flow field is its structural similarity on the various scales: zoomed smaller parts of the flow field look like larger ones, in a statistical sense. Such systems are properly described by power or scaling laws of the physical quantities of interest.


Structure Function Eddy Viscosity Energy Dissipation Rate Inertial Subrange Interstellar Matter 
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